Flat Storage Case
Flat Storage Case
Flat Storage Case

Flat Storage Case

TreePod Slim Storage Bag

TreePod Slim Storage Bag: Simplified Seasonal Storage

Introducing the ideal storage solution for your TreePod. Whether you own a Lounger or Cabana, our slim storage bag allows you to store your TreePod effortlessly. It's designed for your convenience: no need to disassemble the frame. Just collapse your TreePod, let it lay flat, and tuck it away using our specially designed storage bag.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Storage: Keep your TreePod intact and store it without disassembly.
  • Space-saving Design: Allows the TreePod to lay flat for efficient storage.
  • Durable Construction: Ensures the protection of your TreePod during off-seasons.

Ordering Details:

  • Processing: 1-2 days combined with estimated shipping time.
  • Shipping Days: Monday to Friday (excluding weekends).
  • Delivery: Estimated dates provided, but not guaranteed.